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Supporting Independently Published Authors

Although it takes all kinds to make such a wonderful diversity of books that we have in the world today, I want to feature all those amazing independently published authors that I have read since starting this book blog in November 2019.

For more information about some independent authors that I have been privileged to read click below…

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Supporting Diversity Adversity, and Representation in Literature

Books that provide a realistic view of the world and all those to inhabit it are so important for those who feel like they aren’t represented in mainstream publishing.
Everyone deserves to see themselves as a main character, not just a sidekick. Every person no matter their ethnicity, orientation, gender, or physical ability deserves representation.

This section is dedicated to those books and authors who encompass this. Their stories have diversity and representation and they are #BooksThatMatter and their #OwnVoices…

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Novel Writing in Progress

June 2021, I started writing my debut novel. Currently sitting at 70k words, look here for more information and sneak peaks as I share my experience becoming an author with a story that spans oceans…

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Cam… he fed my heart, my mind, my dreams;
he gave me hope and comfort.

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Somehow, love is more glorious when it’s dead.

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