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For the Love of a Witch

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Book Infomation

Title: For the Love of a Witch
Author: Sarah-Jane Lehoux
Genre: Young Adult | Dark Fantasy |Romance| Adventure
Publication Date: October 15, 2020
ISBN: 0988145618 or 9780988145610
Pages: 139

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If you ever think of me once I’m gone, I pray you will also remember this lesson. Strength means nothing if not used to protect those you love.


For the Love of a Witch Summary

To kill a Beast, he must first unravel the mystery of a strange and savage Beauty

Many years have passed since a merciless dragon known only as the Beast blazed a path of destruction across a once peaceful land, and although he now sleeps beneath the earth, his wicked influence continues to spread, corrupting everything and everyone it touches.

In a neighbouring kingdom, a naive young knight named Eoin hopes to finally break the dragon’s curse, as well as win the respect of his family and the heart of his Queen. He’s always been taught that morality is as absolute as authority, but after crossing paths with a beautiful yet notorious witch, Eoin discovers that the line between good and evil isn’t as clear-cut as he was led to believe.

Though tempers flare, their attraction to one another cannot be denied, and when Eoin is ambushed by a horde of monsters with eerily human eyes, it is the witch who rescues him from the brink of death. What does she want from him? Is she friend or foe? While recovering under her care, Eoin begins to suspect that the witch is also the keeper of a truly horrifying secret, one that could throw the entire world into chaos. And meanwhile, the Beast is waiting.

For the Love of a Witch Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book was not what I was expecting; in a dark and delicious way. This standalone fairytale starts with the typical characteristics of a classic fairytale; a knight wanting to prove his worth by killing the Beast to rise up in standing in this medieval period setting to be able to win the hand of the Queen. On the journey, he mets the witch and his view of the world changes when he learns more about the witch’s story.

Both Eoin and the witch have their own demons to fight, but throughout the book they show strength individually, and together. This book has some dark themes, but throughout you see glimmers of hope and healing from both Eoin and the witch. The world building within the novel is compelling and it’s one of those novels that you can easily be pulled into and read in one sitting. The writing is excellent quality and has you feeling what Eoin feels as it is almost entirely told through his perspective. I do wish there was more time spent building the romance between the witch and Eoin, but the romance does feel like it is brought on naturally and purely considering the short length of this novel. I also feel like The Beast could have been explained more or the novel could have provided more insight to him and his history.

This novel is dark and definitely should be reserved for the more mature fans of the YA section who are not triggered by abuse and violence. I would almost classify this book as a New Adult book because of the topics and events within it. All in all, this standalone was a captivating read that I thoroughly enjoyed and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of dark fantasy.

I would like to thank Sarah-Jane Lehoux for sending me a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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More about Sarah-Jane Lehoux

Sarah-Jane Lehoux was a shy yet outspoken child whose irrepressible imagination often put her at odds with the world. She was never satisfied with the status quo, and now, as a writer of feminist speculative fiction, she isn’t afraid to take chances or to tackle subjects that others may avoid. Because of this, her stories have been praised for their gritty realism and psychological insights, as well as their vivid imagery and originality.

Sarah-Jane has a BA in Anthropology from Laurentian University and a diploma in Animal Care from Sheridan College. She was a bit of a nomad in her youth, moving from one Canadian city to the next, before realising she needed a slower pace of life to truly be happy. She resides in Northern Ontario with her husband, her cats, and her books and spends her time cluttering her brain with beautiful nonsense.

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