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Faye and the City in the Sea

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Book Information

Title: Faye and the City in the Sea

Author: Nicole Bailey

Genre: Young Adult | Mythology | Fairytale | LGBTQ+ Fiction

Publication Date: December 29, 2020



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Everyone has choices they have made they regret. It’s part of being alive. Learning to forgive ourselves and learn from our mistakes is part of life’s journey.


Faye & the City in the Sea Summary

Faye can never be free from the blood that stains her soul. 

Haunted by the horrific traumas of battle, Faye struggles to move past the bloodshed she witnessed that fateful day. No amount of magic can erase from her mind the images of the lives lost. 

She can’t breathe. 

Can’t sleep. 

Can’t focus on anything but the terror she’s drowning in.

Yet she isn’t the only one plagued by trepidation. As a co-council, anxiety is a part of Daron’s daily life. But never before was it like this. Crippled by fear, he hunts for a way to keep Faye and Alec safe as the threat of Typhon draws near. 

Traveling to the mercity for the full moon revelry, Faye uncovers a sinister new threat that could endanger life for all merfolk. Can she and Daron work together to protect their new allies? Or will the losses suffered sink their enchanting world to the depths? 

Faye & the City in the Sea Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was thrilled to be asked to review this sequel to Faye & the Ether. This sequel does not disappoint. It doesn’t pick up exactly where we left Faye in the first book, but close enough that the two books read together very nicely. The pace of the book is excellent and the writing just as good.

Faye’s mental journey in focused more on this book and the events from the first books that she went through have their toll on her. While she retreats into herself, her friends and found family try to help her cope. One in particular gets a lot more time and I sincerely hope that it turns into something more than friendship. Faye’s perspective is really gripping and anyone who has gone through doubting themselves and regretting something will relate to her in this book.

Daron’s perspective is more about navigating his career and relationship together. Throughout the book he struggles with the same as he did in the first book, how to protect everyone he loves from everything. I found Daron’s perspective was relatable; he grows a lot in his interpersonal relationships and trusting himself in this instalment.

The new characters in this sequel are definitely a highlight of the book. The bring more depth to the novel and bring more history of Ether to the reader. The new characters provide more insight into how the world and races all connect and how long standing believes could have caused such a divide. Some The events of the novel were well written. I was surprised by some of them and predicted others. But there was enough twists to keep me engaged throughout. This series is about a war and obviously the characters went through loss. The reactions of the characters each had me crying.

Overall, I read through the book and the book is well paced for events. The themes and issues both the main characters are going through are relatable, even if they are in a fantasy world. I would recommend this series to anyone who loves mythology, fantasy or even adventure novels in the YA section. I can’t wait for the next novel and hope that my ships and potential ships make it through this war between the two sides of Ether.

I would like to thank Nicole Bailey for sending me a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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More About Nicole Bailey

Nicole Bailey is a writer and reader who loves young adult, magical realism, and the occasional rom-com. She writes YA fantasy and published her debut novel (FAYE AND THE ETHER) in Fall 2020. When she isn’t writing she loves to hike, kayak, bike, or garden. She lives with her three children and her husband in South Carolina.

Faye and the Ether Series

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