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Evermore Academy: Winter

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Book Information

Title: Evermore Academy: Winter
Author: Audrey Grey
Genre: New Adult |Fantasy| Urban Fantasy| Romance
Publication Date: October 11, 2019
Pages: 422

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The darkly beautiful beings that rule the western half of my world call themselves the Evermore, but we have other names for them.

Invaders. Cruel Folk. Tricksters. Sidhe. Fae.

My favourite is pointy-eared dickwads, but that’s a mouthful so I usually stick with Fae.


Evermore Academy: Winter Summary

Welcome to Evermore Academy where the magic is dark, the immortals are beautiful, and being human SUCKS.

After spending my entire life avoiding the creatures that murdered my parents, one stupid mistake binds me to them for four years. 

My penance? Become a human shadow at the infamous Evermore Academy, finishing school for the Seelie and Unseelie Fae courts. 

All I want is to keep a low profile, but day one, I make an enemy of the most powerful Fae in the academy. 

The Winter Prince is arrogant, cruel, and apparently also my Fae keeper. Meaning I’m in for months of torture. 

But it only gets worse. Something dark and terrible looms over the academy. Humans are dying, ancient vendettas are resurfacing, and the courts are more bloodthirsty than ever. 

What can one mortal girl do in a world full of gorgeous monsters? 

Fight back with everything I have—and try not to fall in love in the process. 

Evermore Academy: Winter Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Fans of Cruel Prince, SJM and any school setting book (HP, the Scholomance series, etc.) will love this series. This series starts with a human stealing from a Fae Prince and then having to deal with her bargain with him by going to Evermore Academy for 4 years.

It’s a slow build enemies-to-lovers romance. The romance build-up was well paced and there is a lot of tension between the characters. There was no rush, and left you wanting them to hurry up and kiss (I think I actually yelled it at my tablet at one point). . The Prince is a great character. He is what you typically expect from a Fae prince; funny, sarcastic, mean, but loveable. Reminded me a lot of Rowan (ToG, SJM), Rhys (ACOTAR, SJM) and Carden (The Folk of the Air, Holly Black). The Winter Prince is hot and everything you’d want in the main male character. Summer is a fairly strong character. She can hold her own when needing to, and I didn’t find her personality unbelievable or annoying. She has sass and attitude and despite being from the “Tainted Zone” and human, she doesn’t let anyone get away with bullying her. The author does a great job at keeping the mystery and intentions of the characters well hidden and leaving you wanting to learn more about them.

I just fell in love with this book. It’s a great addition to the fantasy genre, especially in the fae fantasy genre. I think I’ll have to purchase as a paperback and start an Audrey Grey collection after looking into her other books. I know for sure I will be keep reading this series.

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About Audrey Grey

Audrey Grey is a bestselling author, taco aficionado, little person wrangler, and collector of all things furry. She writes Young Adult/New Adult Fantasy books about fierce heroines who fight back against evil and sometimes save the world. 

There’s usually a plucky sidekick, a swoon-worthy guy (or two), a hefty dose of enemies-to-lovers, and LOTS of action.

When not writing–or stuffing her face with tacos and petting puppies–she hangs out in the charming state of Oklahoma with her crew: one husband, two little people, three mischievous dogs, and one poor cat.

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