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Evermore Academy: Spring

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Book Information

Title: Evermore Academy: Spring
Author: Audrey Grey
Genre: New Adult | Fantasy Romance|Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: July 11, 2020
Pages: 426

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If victory had a smell, it would be this. And my day doesn’t start with swimming for my life, performing CPR, and then being ogled and fought over.

The only downside is not getting to punch Reina in her surgically enhanced nose—but the day is young.


Evermore Academy: Spring Summary

Welcome to Evermore Academy where the magic is dark, the immortals are beautiful, and being human SUCKS.

My name is Summer Solstice and this is going to be my year. 

Except, in the Everwilde, nothing ever goes according to plan. When the Spring Court heir joins the academy, he traps me in a cutthroat game of bargains and deception in an effort to ruin Valerian. 

Worse, someone is using an army of darklings to gather magical items that could raise the Darken and change the fate of the Fae courts–and the human world–forever.

Forces are gathering. Sides are being chosen. 

To stand any chance of saving humanity, I must finally accept the soulbond with Valerian. 

But what if he’s not truly capable of love?

Evermore Academy: Spring Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book starts a week before the new Evermore Academy semester starts. She is stronger and more of a badass when she returns for spring. But things don’t go as planned and of course she ends up in the middle of things. But she doesn’t back down and only gets stronger and more determined to get back at the Fae who wronged her. A new character, Spring Court Prince Hellebore, makes her life miserable along with her usual list of Inara and the Six.

She struggles with her soulbond to the Winter Prince. Summer is struggling with her emotions and wants more than just the magic of the bond bringing them closer. As the story progresses so does their interaction throughout the book. I love Mack. She is definitely growing as a character. Asher reminds me of a Cassian (ACOTAR). Eclipsa, is badass and is definitely more in this book, reminds me 100% of Mor (ACOTAR), Aelin (ToG) and Jude (FotA).

Overall, I enjoyed this book. This book definitely kept you on edge as to – you know something is going to happen but you’re not sure when and how….but know it is coming. Yeah, things happen and how they happen ultimately, leading to MAJOR cliffhanger that I’m not sure how it will play out. Some questions get answered. More pop up, of course. We get to meet the Summer queen and jury is still out on her. I cannot wait to read more in the Summer year.

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About Audrey Grey

Audrey Grey is a bestselling author, taco aficionado, little person wrangler, and collector of all things furry. She writes Young Adult/New Adult Fantasy books about fierce heroines who fight back against evil and sometimes save the world. 

There’s usually a plucky sidekick, a swoon-worthy guy (or two), a hefty dose of enemies-to-lovers, and LOTS of action.

When not writing–or stuffing her face with tacos and petting puppies–she hangs out in the charming state of Oklahoma with her crew: one husband, two little people, three mischievous dogs, and one poor cat.

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