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Kiss the Fae

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Book Information

Title: Kiss the Fae
Author: Natalia Jaster
Genre: New Adult|Fantasy | Romance|High Fantasy
Publication Date: November 5, 2020
ISBN: B0863G8165
Pages: 358

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Don’t look down. Watch your step.
Fear the wind. Follow the wind.
Lose your path. Find your way

Kiss the Fae Summary

There are three rules to surviving the Fae—and I’m about to break every single one.

Rule #1. Never cross into Faerie.

When I’m chased across the enchanted border and caught by its sinister ruler of the sky, the pretty trickster with a clever tongue offers me a deal.

Rule #2: Never bargain with a Fae.

But I don’t have a choice. For thirteen days, I have to survive in his mountainous maze of crooked bridges, deceptive stairways, and devious inhabitants. Refuse, and my sisters will suffer as punishment.

Rule #3: Never fall for the enemy.

I should have known my sexy captor wouldn’t play fair. The deeper I plunge into this dangerous world of Solitary Fae, the more I’m entangled in their ruler’s seductive web of desire—and the forbidden temptations he offers.

The price of losing this wicked game is everything I love. But winning might just cost me my heart.

Kiss the Fae Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The story takes place in a world where humans suffer under the trickery and cruelty of the Fae. The Fae are known to steal humans and the humans kill the fae. These Fae are the cruel trickster type – not the fluffy faeries that some books have.  

Lark is main character and the book is told through her POV. When she crosses to Faerie, she begins her Faerie tale. She doesn’t know that she has been caught until three letters arrive summoning Lark and her two sisters, Juniper and Cove who had followed her into Faerie. Leaving them with no other choice, each one of them had to go in different directions to face the Fae who called them. Each woman faces her own trial with her own Fae; one in the sky, one in the forest and one in the river. Cerulean, ruler of the creatures that were bred in the sky and raised in the mountains, sets Lark off on a deadly quest: she is to survive the mountains and get to the top in either 13 hours, 13 days or 13 weeks, or her sisters will suffer as punishment. After all the note said, all will win or all will lose.

Cerulean was passionate and alluring. I loved him from the beginning. Of course, I usually fall for a Fae with a clever tongue and mystery surrounding his past. Lark is a brave, and strong female character. She’s a badass and stubborn with a wicked tongue, but allows herself to be vulnerable to herself, her sisters and friends. Falling for Cerulean wasn’t an insta-love or fated. It was a bittersweet slow burn.

Kiss the Fae’s set in a world full of magic and surprises, written with a very steamy romance, and adventures full of unexpected twists and turns. I can’t wait to read Juniper’s story in the next novel, Hunt the Fae.

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About Natalia Jaster

Natalia Jaster is a fantasy romance author who routinely swoons for the villain.

She lives in an enchanted forest, where she writes steamy New Adult tales about rakish jesters, immortal deities, and vicious fae. Wicked heroes are her weakness, and rebellious heroines are her best friends. She’s also a total fool for first-kiss scenes and fanfiction.

Her series include Foolish Kingdoms, Selfish Myths, and Vicious Faeries (set in The Dark Fables extended universe).

When she’s not writing, you’ll probably find her perched atop a castle tower, guzzling caramel apple tea, and counting the stars.

More Books by Natalia Jaster

Vicious Faeries Series

Coming 2021

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