Touched by Fire

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Book Information

Title: Touched by Fire
Author: Kel Carpenter
Genre: Adult| Urban Fantasy|Dystopia|Romance|Fantasy
Publication Date: October 1, 2020
ISBN: 9798687268776
Pages: 332

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“What is that?”
“A pinky promise”
“What are we five now?”
“And here I thought you might like it. Break the promise and you get to break their pinky”

Piper & Nat

Touched By Fire Summary

For a decade, I’ve hated the supernaturals who owned my world.

I hunted them.
I killed them.

And now, in the most grand twist of fate—I am bonded to one of them.

Oh, the irony.

Being a supernatural bounty hunter isn’t exactly a popular job. But after the magic wars, there aren’t many things a human can do that will put food on the table.

Thankfully anything my right hook can’t handle, my guns can.

Or so I thought.

When a demon summoning runs awry, the being that comes into this world changes everything.

I’m not sure if he’s truly a demon or a god, but one thing I do know is that he’s after me. I’d like to see him try.

I’ve got a promise to fulfill, and I’m not backing down.

The only way out of this is his death or mine, and I’ll do anything to survive.

Even if that means making a deal with the devil.

Touched By Fire Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Piper is introduced as a kick-butt human making her mark in a supernatural world as a supe bounty hunter. She is a badass and ruthless main character that knows how to fight, not shy when it comes to voicing her thoughts and is sarcastic as hell with the mouth of a sailor, my favourite characteristics of a MC. She gets herself into trouble, and she knows how to get herself out of it. She doesn’t need help; from anyone.

As the story progresses, the secrets she is hiding and the past she is paying for start to be revealed. Piper grows as a “friend” and she grows as a person. Nat is an amazing character that pushes Piper into that growth. Also, there is Ronan. He wants Piper; Piper doesn’t want him, end of story. I am hoping that he and Piper will clash in the sequel and that it’s an explosion of both hate and passion. Cause you know the best enemies in novel make the best bed buddies.

This book is action packed. There is barely any down time for the characters. It’s fast paced and pushes you to keep reading till the cliffhanger of an ending. I could not put it down. The story is very character driven and you can see character development, even though there are lots of things still unanswered. I am still debating where the loyalties of characters lie and I am trying to figure out what the goals of some characters are. Now, while the focus is on the characters, the story is still really interesting. There are some things we’re still left in the dark about and that only makes my need for the sequel bigger.

Overall, Touched by Fire is a binge-worthy book!

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About Kel Carpenter

Kel Carpenter is a master of werdz. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s traveling the world, lovingly pestering her editor, and spending time with her husband and fur-babies. She is always on the search for good tacos and the best pizza. She resides in Bethesda, MD and desperately tries to avoid the traffic.

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