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Curse Breaker

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Book Information

Title: Curse Breaker
Author: Audrey Grey
Genre: Fantasy|Adventure|Romance|High Fantasy
Publication Date: August 12, 2019
Pages: 380

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The only thing I can say for sure is that along with Haven:
one of us will die
one will fall in love
one will sacrifice everything
and one will betray the others.


Curse Breaker Summary

All magic has a price.

Haven survived the Devourers, but she isn’t any closer to breaking the curse. Meanwhile, her forbidden magic rages brighter and more dangerous every day.

To control her powers and stand a chance against the Shade Queen, Haven made a bargain with two enemy immortals. Now her waking hours are spent fighting alongside the Sun Lord, but her dreams belong to the Shade Lord.

Only the closer she ventures into the wicked Shadow Kingdom the more her magic shows itself—and the more she struggles with whom to trust. The golden but wounded Sun Lord or the darkly charismatic Shade Lord.

Both are off-limits.

And both have the ability to save her . . . or destroy her.

With the Shade Queen closing in and Bell’s time nearly up, Haven will sacrifice everything to break the curse—but will it be enough to stop the mortal realm from falling into darkness forever?

Curse Breaker Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Let me start by saying that I liked Oath Taker, but somehow Audrey Grey was able to make Curse Breaker a sequel that is better than the original. This series is full of magic, romance, betrayal, and more.

We continue the story as Haven, Archeron, and the rest of their Solis gang, continue to try to break the curse. Haven begins to enjoy her little crew that she never thought she would and grows as a person learning who she is outside of Bell and her Oaths. She realizes she has feelings for Archeron. I love an enemies-to-lovers trope and a slow burn. This first romance between Archeron and Haven satisfies both for me. I just hope we get a second one between Haven and Stolas. I am jumping from ship to ship like crazy! Stolas is not in the book enough. I love him. This whole love triangle potential thing is killing me. While Archeron has Haven by day; Stolas has her by night. Both have an enemies to lovers feeling to them and Stolas is supposed to be the bad guy. But I get the feeling its all just a big front and I hope Haven starts to realize it too. I definitely needed tissues in some points of this novel.

We read alternating POVs from Haven, Bell and a few others. From Bell, more about the Noctis is revealed and we learn more about the castle and the curse. From Haven we see the Solis, our favourite Noctis, Stolas, as he teaches her how to use her magic, as well as more of the world and creatures.

The pacing on these books is very fast which makes them a great quick read, and after finishing book two, I started book 3, King Maker, right away because again Audrey leaves us (again!) with a doozy of a cliff!

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About Audrey Grey

Audrey Grey is a bestselling author, taco aficionado, little person wrangler, and collector of all things furry. She writes Young Adult/New Adult Fantasy books about fierce heroines who fight back against evil and sometimes save the world. 

There’s usually a plucky sidekick, a swoon-worthy guy (or two), a hefty dose of enemies-to-lovers, and LOTS of action.

When not writing–or stuffing her face with tacos and petting puppies–she hangs out in the charming state of Oklahoma with her crew: one husband, two little people, three mischievous dogs, and one poor cat.

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