She Reeds by the Sea

Raise Hell

If there has ever been such a thing as a righteous God, then I know I have him on my side. I’m here on a mission, and I will move heaven and hell to see it done.

Facets of Power

All hail Queen Sabin’theoria of the Unseelie, daughter and heir of Queen Mali’theoria, and blood descendant of Lachlina, the One True Goddess, and Vestior, Harbinger of Nightmares.

Faye and the City in the Sea

War is coming, or is it already here? Faye is stuck trying to overcome her PTSD from the last battle. Will she be able to learn enough magic in time to stop Typhon in this war or will her guilt cripple her in the Ether’s time of need?

The Night Country

We aren’t like the creatures who were made in this world. We aren’t meant to debase ourselves with then. To live a human life is to forget who we are. To forget who we are is to be an enemy to ourselves. To each other.”

The Hazel Wood

There are no lessons in it. There’s just this harsh, horrible world touched with beautiful magic, where shitty things happen. And they don’t happen for a reason, or in threes, or in a way that looks like justice. They’re set in a place that has no rules and doesn’t want any.