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King Maker

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Book Information

Title: King Maker
Author: Audrey Grey
Publisher: Starfall Press
Genre: High Fantasy | Romance | Adventure
Publication Date: February 18, 2020
ISBN: 9781733747271
Pages: 640

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Silken fingers of his power brushed over her arm, so lightly it could have been the breeze.

“You take care of everyone, but who takes care of you?”

King Maker Summary

They broke the curse, but at what cost?

Haven and her crew may be considered heroes, but they arrive back in Penryth harboring dangerous secrets. Plagued by nightmares, Haven struggles to control her newfound magic while Bell shrinks under the weight of their shared lie.

When an emissary from Solissia shows up in Penryth and drafts Bell in a magical tournament, Haven is once again forced to follow the prince to foreign lands, this time to the bloodthirsty court of Archeron’s mother.

Trapped in a shifting landscape of dark politics, duplicitous immortals, and cruel sovereigns, Haven fights to keep Bell alive all without revealing their secret. But a terrible evil brews on the horizon. One that threatens the very fabric of the realm.

Haven might be their only hope of stopping the impending darkness. But first she must learn to accept her own darkness and follow her heart—no matter where it leads.

King Maker Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This third book in A Kingdom of Runes series by Audrey Grey did not disappoint. Where some books in a series act more as filler to get the details and characters in position for the next book, King Maker was anything but.

Haven and gang have made it back from breaking the curse. but new politics and obstacles are at play now. Everyone believes Bell has magic and broke the curse; now Haven and him have to keep that story from unraveling. Not to mention Haven struggling to find the balance between her light and dark magic, hiding her illegal runes, and navigating her relationship with Archeron and Stolas. We get more Stolas (yay!), other relationships for Haven emerge and strengthen, other relationships fall apart and change irrevocably.

This installment of A Kingdom of Runes series is mostly told in Haven’s POV, however we do get more POVs in this novel than the lasts, including Archeron, Bell, and others. While Haven remains the main POV, how the other feel and fit within her story starts to be revealed more completely. Bell having struggled to accept his position in previous books decides to try to stand on his own more. Haven continues to make stupid mistakes and choices, however by the end, she has grown as a person and has had to make some very mature decisions. The magical competition adds a new aspect to Haven’s thinking. Bell on his own, she must find a way into the tournament herself, find a way for both of them to survive and make sure Bell wins the tournament.

Of course, this ends in a cliffhanger preceded by twists, good vs evil, and some steamy romance thrown throughout. This pacing and the tasks of the tournament were well written. I was as enthralled as I was for the first and second book. Audrey Grey has done an exceptional job making this story. While it does remind me of other popular novels, the tropes used (enemies-to-lovers, good vs evil, magic vs no magic) are common in the fantasy genre. Overall, it was another great read by Audrey Grey and I am looking forward to the rest of Haven’s story, especially after the revelations at the end of this book!

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About Audrey Grey

Audrey Grey is a bestselling author, taco aficionado, little person wrangler, and collector of all things furry. She writes Young Adult/New Adult Fantasy books about fierce heroines who fight back against evil and sometimes save the world. 

There’s usually a plucky sidekick, a swoon-worthy guy (or two), a hefty dose of enemies-to-lovers, and LOTS of action.

When not writing–or stuffing her face with tacos and petting puppies–she hangs out in the charming state of Oklahoma with her crew: one husband, two little people, three mischievous dogs, and one poor cat.

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