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A Sword in The Sun

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Book Information

Title: A Sword in The Sun
Author: Shannon Page
Publisher: Outland Entertainment
Genre: Fantasy|Urban|Romance|Mystery
Publication Date: February 16, 2021
ISBN: 9780996399753
Pages: 306

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“I know a lot more than you realize, Mistress Callie”
“Do you now,” I said absently, around a mouthful. I was SO going to bed after this.
“I do, yes. And I look forward to sharing all my knowledge with you, when the time comes.”

Petrana & Callie

A Sword in The Sun Synopsis

Calendula Isadora (Callie to her friends) is a powerful witch who may be in over her head…

Callie’s pregnancy was a surprise to everyone in her community—witches aren’t supposed to get pregnant unless it’s on purpose. But Callie’s pregnancy has an even bigger secret, and the information she now possesses could change the future of witchkind, if it weren’t being held hostage by Callie’s once-respected mentor. He believes he’s serving the good of all witchkind, but as Callie begins digging deeper into her mentor’s secrets, she learns she may have to go all the way to the Old Country to uncover the mysteries he’s trying to hide.

But first, she has to have the baby, search for a missing witchlet, manage her relationship with a handsome warlock who wants to marry her, and continue to hunt for answers about the death of her best friend. It’s a lot for one witch, her feline familiar, and one very unique golem to handle.

A Sword in The Sun Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Alright, well I thought the first book had mysterious events, this one has even more! Callie’s life has definitely taken a hard left turn. In The Queen and The Tower, Callie found out she was mysteriously pregnant. With Jeremy off on his mysterious trip to the Old Country, and Callie dealing with all that goes with her pregnancy and everything else that happened alone. She realizes she has isolated herself from her friends and family. Her coven, now excited about her upcoming arrival, are more than happy to help her navigate her new world without Logan and as a coven-bound single mother.

We see less of Jeremy in this novel, or of Raymond (unfortunately!). Callie is consumed by the fatigue of her pregnancy and of the secret Gregorio has burdened her with. He believes he’s serving the good of all witch-kind. After the Cautery, Callie is still feeling uneasy about the resolution of the mysterious illness that stole Logan away from her. Where is Willson and where is Logan’s soul? Callie begins digging deeper into the mystery, falling deeper into her research of the sick witches and as Jeremy returns still with clear intention of setting their union contract immediately, she finds not all is what it seems and she determined to sort it out, newborn or not, by travelling to the Old Country to see to it herself.

This second instalment in The Nightcraft Quartet takes place immediately after The Queen and The Tower. The pacing is a little uneven, and not as smooth as the first novel. But as we are reading through Callie’s perspective, I imagine that pregnancy brain has quite a bit to do with it. The secrets revealed in this novel were as I suspected but I think that was the point. This series is not what I expected it to be in all the best way. Now, the ending, I do not know what’s coming next, but I will definitely be on the look out for book 3.

I would like to thank NetGalley and Outland Entertainment for sending me a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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About Shannon Page

Shannon Page was born on Halloween night and spent her early years on a back-to-the-land commune in northern California. A childhood without television gave her a great love of the written word. At seven, she wrote her first book, an illustrated adventure starring her cat Cleo. Sadly, that story is out of print. Shannon is a longtime yoga practitioner, has no tattoos (but she did recently get a television), and lives on lovely, remote Orcas Island, Washington, with her husband, author and illustrator Mark Ferrari.

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