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Rise of the Morrigan

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Book Information

Title: Rise of the Morrigan: The Queen of Samhuinn
Author: Theophilus Monroe
Genre: High Fantasy | Epic Fantasy| Standalone |Mythology
Publication Date: February 4, 2021
Pages: 220

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Rise of the Morrigan Summary

Not even the god who made her could tame her.

When the Dagda took three girls and combined them into a single goddess–that he might have for himself a divine wife–he thought she’d be an obedient sub-deity and an extension of his rule. But the Morrigan is subservient to no man, no matter how powerful a god he fashions himself to be. 

If she is to rule, however, she must do more than defy the god who made her.

She must win the heart of a mortal… 

Cú Chulainn didn’t want to be a warrior. He dreamed of becoming a bard, a poet… 

But when he discovers he has the ríastrad, that he transforms into a werewolf when enraged, he finds he has little choice but to serve the whims of his king and defend Ulster. But can the beast be controlled? 

A faerie touched his heart… it calmed his rage… and he longs for her still…But there’s another who pursues him, who hopes to win his heart… a goddess…

Will the Morrigan win the heart of her beloved? Will Cú Chulainn find peace, or will he be destined to a life of battle?

Rise of the Morrigan Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This was my first novel written by Theophilus Monroe. While I adore Celtic mythology and Arthurian tales, this one felt lacking something. Maybe just because I haven’t read the series that this is supposed to be the prequel for. It is portrayed as a standalone and that’s how it was pitched to me, but I feel like I’m missing some aspects of the characters. This is likely because I haven’t read any other books in this series.

Rise of the Morrigan combines fundamental tropes of Irish mythology to spin a brand-new tale that has both epic tale and modern myth. The novel includes strong and well-planned characters, and a captivating plot with twists and turns.

Betrayed by their father, triplet sisters are given to a Dagda in order for their father can achieve the vengeance that fills him. Dagda needs a wife, but no one brought to him has been suitable, including the girls’ mother. Dagda decides the sisters combined into one being will be his wife as all the sisters have attributes of his desire. Thus, The Morrigan is created. With a strong mind of all three sisters, the Morrigan does not give into to Dagda’s wishes for a wife. Instead, the Morrigan makes a bargain with him and sets out to fulfill her side of the deal.

A young man, Cú Chulainn, destined to be a warrior and hero. He loathes his role and killing and wishes to spend his life as a bard. He would that there be no war yet lands up at the mercy of a ruthless king. Through it all, Cú Chulainn and the Morrigan struggle with the inner turmoil of what is right from wrong and try to align this with who they ultimately are.

With Irish mythology in general; Dagda, Morrigan and Cú Chulainn in particular, this a story that aims high, and while not as great as a standalone, it will provide a great base for the Gates of Eden series. Another series to add to my never-ending TBR pile!

I would like to thank Reedsy Discovery and Theophilus Monroe for sending me a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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About Theophilus Monroe

Theophilus Monroe is a fantasy author with a knack for real-life characters whose supernatural experiences speak to the pangs of ordinary life. After earning his Ph.D. in Theology, he decided that academic treatises that no one will read (beyond other academics) was a dull way to spend his life. So, he began using his background in religious studies to create new worlds and forms of magic-informed by religious myths, ancient and modern-that would intrigue readers, inspire imaginations, and speak to real-world problems in fantastical ways

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