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Breaking the Chains

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Book Information

Title: Breaking the Chains
Author: Debbie McQueen
Genre: Fantasy | Romance |Adventure |Novella
Publication Date: February 14, 2021
Pages: 122

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I didn’t want to dredge up the pain of the past, while I was trying to focus on the present. Now, in order to fully embrace my future, I needed to break the chains at last.


Breaking the Chains Synopsis

Sloane is trapped in a life he wishes he could leave. He has been made to hate the side of him that makes him different. He is a dragon, and as much relief and strength he feels in his dragon form, he has to hide it, even from the one person who should be supportive of him. His relationship with his mother is a contentious one, she abhors the dragon in Sloane, but he soon learns that the way his mother treats him has much deeper roots.

When his grandfather shows up, Sloane finally has a chance to learn about his heritage, about the dragon that lives within him. He is able to leave his mother behind and begin to embrace who he is. The time he has with his grandparents gives him a glimpse of a future he never thought he could have.

Sloane leaves to discover the world and find his place in it. His journey brings him to a farm in the Fifth Realm, where he meets the feisty, independent Eislyn, who tends the sheep on her family’s farm. She knocks him off his feet and he finds the desire to explore is squashed by his desire to know this woman more. Eislyn is everything his mother wasn’t, but can she accept his dragon?

From the world of the Dragon King Series, meet Egan’s parents, and see how his father learned to break the chains of the past.

Breaking the Chains Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This novella in the Dragon King series by Debbie McQueen is short and sweet. The novella takes place before the Dragon King series that features Egan and Raidon. Breaking the Chains focuses on giving readers a glimpse into Egan’s parent’s life before the main series. Sloane, Egan’s father, is the main protagonist and we see the world through his POV.

Sloane is 19 in this novella and lives with his mother, having no idea who his father is and no other family he knows about. Sloane hides his dragon because of the feelings of shame his mother has expressed towards him. He hides all aspects of his dragon from her and everyone else. When his grandfather shows up and wants to reconnect with the family, Sloane is shown that he’s not alone. Sloane decides that he needs to leave his mother’s home and goes with his grandfather to meet his dying grandmother and to find out more about himself and his dragon.

After spending some time with his grandfather he leaves to travel and find somewhere to settle. He plans to pass through the Fifth Realm and continue on to the Sixth Realm, where there is a new King that promises to rule differently and fairly. That is until he meets Eislyn on the road while looking for a place to spend a night. Eislyn and Sloane have instant love and he is literally left dumbstruck and chasing sheep for her.

I would like to thank Debbie McQueen for sending me a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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About Author

Debbie McQueen has been married to her loving and supportive husband for eighteen years. They have two amazing kids that share her love of musicals, singing, fairies, dragons, and superheroes. Debbie is an avid reader and loves to read YA/NA, PNR, Urban Fantasy, Thrillers, LGBTQ stories, and more.
Debbie is an affirming Christian who is proud to continue learning and serving as an LGBTQ+ ally and advocate. She has learned more about God’s love through the beauty of a diverse creation and strives to support her friends and loved ones, as well as the broader LGBTQ+ community. She loves giving out Free Hugs at Pride events.

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