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Book Information

Title: Pulse
Author: B.A. Bellec
Publisher: Independently Published
Genre: Horror | Sci Fi | Dystopian
Publication Date: December 1st, 2021

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It won’t happen because the elites of society all have the same problem; they feel entitled to what they have at the expense of others.

People think they are special because they get into a position of power…

But when you question what they have done with that power, it’s never their fault…

Society is run by a bunch of narcissists.


Pulse Synopsis

Pulse is a Dystopian Sci-Fi/Horror novel set in 2040 around a creature and a music festival. It will be releasing in 2021. Think Fyre Festival, Black Mirror, and X-Files combined. The book is being praised for its genre-bending style utilizing screenplay-like formatting while bouncing all the plot lines with the pace of a thriller.

Pulse Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

B.A. Bellec’s second novel, Pulse, has a number of descriptors; sci fi, horror, thriller, dystopian, mystery, just to name a few. This really does have a bit of everything in it. Pulse follows a number of perspectives to weave a story that keeps readers intrigued and turning the pages. Pulse takes place in 2040, 19 years from today, the story follows a number of persons that all are involved in the company and the events that take place during the music festival, PulseFest. The company Pulse has taken over everything. As a giant all encompassing company, it has reaches in what people do, eat, drink, wear and all their technology. B.A. Bellec writes a convincing warning of the potential outcomes of a tech giant monopoly in our near future. The novel goes through a number of events that happen when a mysterious outbreak is causes people to become violent mutants. No one knows how the outbreak began or why, but each have connected it to Pulse somehow.

Pulse is fast-paced and although it has 400 pages, you don’t get the feeling that it’s a large book. The novel is divided into 4 sections. The world building is exceptional. You get the feel for how our world evolved into this new world easily. I also loved how the characters were diverse, from every walk of life, so you really get a feel for what life is like from every tier of society. Not just the upper class, or lower-class. There is also a lot of aspects woven into the story. These political, environmental, social and economical aspect that would conceivably be present in the future that B.A. Bellec creates.

B.A. Bellec has a unique way of writing. It feels like a mix between a screenplay and a novel. The events of the novel are described in a normal fiction novel way, however dialogue in the book is written like a screenplay. This threw me off initially by the end of the novel, I loved the way it helped me keep track of who is who and all the connections these people have with each other while also connecting past and present. If anyone is looking for a dystopian read that has a serious page-turning plot line, I would recommend this novel. I am not usually a fan of horror books, but I ate this book up! This is a MUST READ if only just to see the path that our present world has a very likely chance of going down. I cannot wait for the second one to find out what happens next and more about Pulse, the creature and the characters that survived the events of PulseFest.

I would like to thank B.A. Bellec for sending me a free copy for my fair and honest review.

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About B.A. Bellec

B.A. Bellec is an award-winning author. His debut novel was named the Reader Views Young Adult Book of the Year. His second novel will be released in 2021. He also produces music.

Pulse Series

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