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Book Information

Title: Thread
Author: J Franklin Payne
Publisher: Independent Author
Genre: Fiction | Crime | Thriller
Publication Date: December 20, 2020
Pages: 244

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CW/TW: Attempted Rape | Violence| Suicide | Torture | Sexual Assault | Violence Against Women | Kidnapping

They did not want for much.
However, it was always in the back of his head that she could try to destroy him and his business as she always threatened.
Her moving the threats to reality, was the scariest part of it all, and she was doing it more often. 

Thread Synopsis

Thread weaves through many lives; 1976 San Francisco, back from Vietnam, Kyle Stone with his family and friends. Nobody knows what is coming and how their lives will be turned upside down. It keeps weaving around betrayal, greed, ruthlessness, infidelity, up and around as evil lurks. Follow Kyle, as he fights for his family, his business, and his life. This great story of literary fiction is derived from the Author’s experiences and living some of the craziest times and events as Thread will reveal.

Kyle only wanted to raise a family and build a business, why wouldn’t they let him, what forces were at work? His best friend and Vice President seems to have been possessed by evil, after losing millions in court with Kyle, he tries to convinces Kyle to reach out to a Witch and put a spell on those who were stealing his company.

Kyle could only wish that this was the end of his problems. There seems to be a debt that has to be paid, there again, something he did not cause, but he is the one to pay it back. Says who, The Family, as they are known, they invite Kyle for a sit down. Thread continues its twists and turns as the story unfolds. The reader will be immersed in a time and place in a novel like no other. It reads like a movie that you don’t want to end.

Thread Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

While Thread is the story of Kyle Stone, J Franklin Payne also pulls from his own life experiences to weave a crime thriller book that has twists and turns and unexpected events. This standalone has all that most people looking for a thriller novel want; complicated relationships, tragedy, suspense, drama and a plot that is always thickening.

Kyle owns a very successful investment business and lives an expensive life with his wife and two daughters. Immediately, it is revealed that Kyle’s marriage is in trouble and money doesn’t mean happiness. The first few chapters the readers learn about Kyle and get into his head. Events of the story force Kyle into a new life, one he never imagined for himself or his family. One of these events means Kyle has become unwillingly involved in “The Family”. Kyle must play his cards right to ensure that himself, his family and any of her new personal relationships do not come into harm’s way as he navigates what it means to be part of “The Family”.

I found that this novel could do with some editing.  The delivery is a little too all over the place for me to fully enjoy the read. The pacing and flow of events needs works. Some parts to the novel have major events happening in one chapter but then not have anything that progresses the story for a number of chapters afterwards. It’s sometimes difficult to read and left me confused. Sometimes the POV would change mid paragraph without any indication and it caused some disjunction in the storyline. While I think this book has a good storyline and plot, I just think it could do with a little more tidying. It would however make an excellent movie as is. Just the details, like adding the date to chapters would make for a wonderful improvement for the readers understanding. Overall, get concept & plot, and for those who enjoy thrillers and crime family novel would love it; but I believe it should go through some more refining.

I would like to thank Reedsy Discovery and J Franklin Payne for sending me a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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About J Franklin Payne

J Franklin’s story is similar to the story of the protagonist, Kyle Stone. It was derived from his life experiences. Those life experiences started when he lost his father to suicide at a tender age. He lived with several families before the Army called to him as a place to find a home for a few years and serve his country. After a year of intense training in combat engineering, he was given an opportunity to become an Officer. After months of training, J Franklin earned his commission as an Infantry Officer. He was just eighteen years old. He served during the Vietnam war and received injuries that would later become crippling. 

J Franklin Payne spent many years in the Entertainment business as a manager of rock stars, along with years as a Concert and Movie Producer. Honored to be Producer of USO Entertainment, Bob Hope, serving the military delivering the best entertainment to those deployed throughout the world. J Franklin Payne founded ‘The United States Entertainment Force,’ a nonprofit charity serving the USA military and their families for the past twenty-five years. In addition, they have the ‘Hopes and Dreams Project,’ which was also for sick children.

Looking back at his life, it seemed necessary to take the time from his home in California with his wife Lynn and dog Duke and writing his story, Thread. 

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