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Legend of the Lakes

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Book Information

Title: Legend of the Lakes
Author: Clara O’Connor
Publisher: One More Chapter HC
Genre: Fantasy | Romance | Alternative History
Publication Date: June 24th, 2021

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I had vowed to myself to grow strong in order to take on the Empire, to hone what abilities I had so that they could never hurt me or mine again.

Legend of the Lakes Synopsis

I thought to die that night in the solitude where they would never find me…

Cassandra stands silent upon a ravaged battlefield, watching as the druids prepare the dead for the pyres, embers drifting up into the still winter darkness. She can barely breathe through the agony of her grief, but she cannot waste another second on tears.

Because Londinium, the Caesar, the empire… all of it is still out there. The empire whose code she had followed, whose prince she had promised to marry, whose schemes she had been swept up in since birth.

They tried to use her magic against her. To silence her.

So she will use her magic against them. To silence them. Forever.

The third and final chapter of The Once and Future Queen trilogy, this epic sci-fi fantasy adventure set in a dystopian world where the Romans still rule will enchant fans of Sarah J Maas and Cassandra Clare.

Legend of the Lakes Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

OH MY HEART AND SOUL! This is the final book in The Once and Future Queen series by Clara O’Connor and that ending does not disappoint! I am still reeling from this book and its been a week since I read it! Seriously it is one of those books where you cannot pick up a new one because it leaves you breathless. I think I cried throughout the whole thing! I know I didn’t stop crying until 1/4 through the first time i started crying. I definitely recommend to have a box of tissue with you when you are reading this and don’t be reading this in public!

The third book follows Cass as she navigates through grief, her numerous newfound responsibilities and her unexpected relationships. Clara O’Connor writes this so well and experiences Cass’ raw grief and disconnection from reality as Cass notices how everyone around her is moving on as the years go by. She grows so much throughout the trilogy and throughout this novel alone. I love, love, love Gideon (seriously he reminds me of my husband! Tall, strong and brooding haha.). I was really hoping to see a lot more of him after meeting him in Curse of the Celts and he did not disappoint. I hoped that things would work out for all the characters. Although, I loved Devyn and miss his sense of duty; I am glad that there was a more healthy relationship shown in this novel, despite its problems and their fighting. The side characters are also so well-written and you loved to hate them. Marcus, well the jury is still out on him…

Legend of the Lakes builds on the world building from Secrets of the Starcrossed and Curse of the Celts. So much information is given as Cass learns & explores her magic, and what her role in the Celtic society means to her and those surrounding her. Her understanding of the ley lines and the impact technology has on them is explored. Many questions were answers about the magic, the roles and the kingdoms. Legend of the Lakes completes the series and gives many things a full circle ending. Clara O’Connor did an amazing job looking back at the foreshadowing and planning of these three novels. I cannot wait to read more of her work in the future.

Overall, this was an EXCELLENT novel and series. I do not have enough descriptive words to use for this series. You are probably tired of reading me saying how good this series and book is already, but seriously I would put this series up with the big ones, like Throne of Glass and The Cruel Prince. Legend of the Lakes definitely exceeded my expectations until the very twisty-turny end. This series is amazing and now I need to go and preorder this paperback so I can complete my personal set!

I would like to thank NetGalley and One More Chapter HC for sending me a free copy for my fair and honest review.

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About Clara O’Connor

Clara O’Connor grew up in the west of Ireland where inspiration was on her doorstep; her village was full of legend, a place of druids and banshees and black dogs at crossroads. Clara worked in publishing and TV for many years while her travels set her in the footsteps of Arthurian myth, to those of the Mayans, Masai, Dervishes and all the fascinating peoples and places this world has to offer. The world she never expected to explore was the one found in the pages of her debut novel, Secrets of the Starcrossed, which is the first book in the The Once and Future Queen trilogy.

The Once and Future Queen Series

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