A Dance of Lies

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Book Information

Title: A Dance of Lies
Author: Rebecca Crunden
Publisher: Independently Published
Genre: Science Fiction | Dystopian | Adventure
Publication Date: May 19th, 2018

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Freedom came with a thousand unknown dangers.


A Dance of Lies Synopsis

A year into the Outlands and life has only become more dangerous and complex for Kitty and her friends. Not only are the Outcasts hunting them, but Charles and Ciara are adamant about returning to the Kingdom to help, forcing everyone to take a side. To make matters worse, the leader of the Outcasts, Quen, has an unrelenting fascination with Thom and Nate that soon reaches horrific heights.

As tensions mount and the group begins to splinter, Riddle comes to Kitty with an unexpected request. A secret. One that makes them inseparable.

Kitty soon finds herself spending more and more time away from Nate and Thom, learning to fight and increasingly drawn into the ways of the Radiants. But Kitty and Riddle’s new bond doesn’t come without complications, and a decision made by the two of them threatens more than Kitty’s relationship with Nate …

A Dance of Lies Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Kitty, Nate and their group of friends who escaped the Kingdom of Cutta and have been living in the Outlands for quite some time now face new challenges as the group fractures with what they want. The Radiant way of life agrees with some of them while others wish to return to the Kingdom to bring down the government and its new ruler. A Dance of Lies is told through Kitty POV. The reader can really get a sense of how much this journey has changed Kitty since we had her perspective in the A Touch of Death. Kitty and NAte continue to navigate their relationship, being halflings and the expectations of others because of who they were back in the Kingdom.

Kitty has grown so much. She is a lot stronger in this book than I have seen her in a while. She also is making her own decisions for herself and not for anyone else. This is super important because I feel like in the last books, she was choosing things that she thought the people surrounding her would want. Nate is still Nate. He has so much trauma continuing that the reader learned about in A History of Madness that needs to be healed. He is all or nothing in everything. I hope that he can still learn how to just give a part of himself without giving his whole self. Thom struggles through this book. Thom’s struggles with himself, this new world and his relationship that began in A Promise of Return all come to a head in this installment of The Outlands Pentalogy.

LIke always Rebecca does an excellent job in presenting the story with action packed events as well as a focus on each members struggles seen through another’s eyes. I cannot want to jump into the final book of this series! I have so many questions that need to be answered and so many things need to be sorted in the story after the events of this novel. A Time for Prophecy is set up to become quite the finale!

A special thank you goes out to author, Rebecca Crunden for providing me a copy of this book for review!

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About Rebecca Crunden

Rebecca Crunden is an indie author of fantasy, science fiction and romance who lives in Cork, Ireland. To date she has published one series, three standalone novels, a novella and various short stories. Her most recent novel, These Violent Nights (2021) is set in a futuristic world that blends fantasy and sci-fi.

The Outlands Pentalogy

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