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Book Information

Title: Instinct
Author: James Carter
Publisher: Independently Published
Genre: Fantasy | Adventure
Publication Date: February 21, 2021

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Everyday people search and pray for a miracle to come their way,

and yet they’re all around us, like little diamonds crafted by the night…

Instinct Synopsis

After a tornado rips through the southeast of England, Leo must journey to another world in search of his brother who is amongst those who have disappeared.

This search takes him to Libero, a world that was created by four people with the ability to control the elements as a place for people to find true freedom. But even freedom comes at a price. For in this world, the animal instinct that lives within you will develop the longer you are there, and so it is a race against time for Leo and his friends to rescue his brother and return home before it is too late, before they become part of the instinctive.

If you choose to come, know your life will never be the same,
You leave behind your old self, all that will remain is your name.
You will learn what you were born to be,
Who you truly are, beneath what the eye can see.
Come for the people, Leo, come for your brother,
Leave behind what you think you know, Leo, expect a place like no other.
For in Libero, Leo, you will find everything you think you lack,
So be warned, for when you find Libero, Leo, you may not come back.

Instinct Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This YA book is a great read! It reminds me a lot of Narnia but with more. The story starts out with Leo waking up and heading to school. On the way he meets with his friends, and notices his brother, Sam, lagging behind so much that the bus driver is waiting specifically for him. He thinks nothing of this as it is typical for Sam to be lost in his own little world. On the way to school, the bus is overtaken by a surprising weather event, leading to several children off of the bus to go missing. After months of looking and finding nothing, Leo begins noticing a pair of words appear everywhere in he goes in his world, Find Libero. This brings Leo and his friends into the mystery of Libero, who they are, and what family means to them.

The characters are really well thought-out. They all have their insecurities, their strengths and individualism. I really enjoyed seeing the world through Leo’s perspective. He is strong, stubborn and prideful. This comes at a cost, but he also love with his whole heart and has the best of intentions. Kaira and Bayley take close seconds after that. Those two girls would take on the world for their friends. Dorian is so smart and I would love for James to expand this universe by including Dorian’s work as a publication.

Leo, Dorian, Kaira and Bayley are all determined to find Sam and to stay together no matter what they find in Liberio. In this world, not all is what it seems. With their internal animal instinct coming forward, and politics between the realms of Libero, will Leo be able to find and save his brother/ Will his friends survive their adventure into the deadly world of LIbero? What are their instincts and will any of them decide to stay in this new world?

I will definitely be reading this trilogy and am looking forward to seeing what James plots up in the second installment of The Libero trilogy. Especially after the ending and reveals in this book!

A special thank you goes out to the author, James Carter, for providing me a copy of this book for review!

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About James Carter

James has worked in many magical places such as Disney World and the Warner Bros tour, and managed to get caught up in the truly magical experience of being able to make people happy. Not just a brief and passing smile, but truly happy. He had not been able to let that feeling go and have strived to find ways in which he can continue to bring happiness into this world, and that is how Instinct came to be here.
He knows everyone has their hardships, he just hopes that he will briefly be able to take your mind away from yours.

The Libero Trilogy

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