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Nights of Iron and Ink

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Book Information

Title: Nights of Iron and Ink
Author: Shannen Durey
Publisher: Independently Published
Genre: Fantasy | Adventure | Romance
Publication Date: April 6, 2021

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Only and idiot would try to steal from the Fae, knowing the punishment is caught….
I was that idiot.


Nights of Iron and Ink Synopsis

Vera has made a living breaking the law, but even she follows one rule—never steal from the Fae.

Eighteen-year-old Vera, a half human, half fae, has spent the last five years trying and failing to earn a place with the Rogues, but with her burgeoning powers and monstrous appearance, she fits in better with the flesh-eating beasts plaguing her world than she does the fierce halfling warriors fighting them.

When a powerful object is uncovered, Vera finally has her opportunity to become a Rogue. All she has to do is steal the object before it reaches the Faylands, which is easier said than done. She quickly discovers she is not the only one after it when the object is stolen right out from under her, and she’s left as the only one to blame when the Fae arrive. Stealing from them is a death sentence, but the frightening Fae Lord Vera encounters offers her a bargain instead—her life in exchange for what was stolen.

As Vera searches for the missing object, her tenuous control over her dark powers is pushed past its limits, and she learns the pain of ultimate betrayal. Her only hope of making it out alive is the Fae Lord at her side, but Vera would rather serve herself up as dinner to a flesh-eating beast than ever make a truce with a Fae.

Nights of Iron and Ink Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Nights of Iron and Ink is the debut novel by Shannen Durey. I would place it in the New Adult category, or upper YA. I love books with fae in it and I was seeing this book all over instagram which lead me to read it and purchase a copy for my shelf. This was a great addition to my fae collection.

Vera, a halfling meaning half-fae and half-mortal, is tasked with stealing an artifact from the fae in exchange for something she has longed for for years. But when her plan goes awry, she is forced to bargain with a Fae Lord to help retrieve the very object she was meant to steal. The story follows Vera, the Fae Lord Ronan, and his advisor Finn as they travel to find the artifact through misadventure and luck.

Vera at the beginning of the book longs to fit into the group she has found. She is a badass and very aware of what other people think of her differences. Through the journey to find this object, she grows into herself and finds her self-worth. Ronan is a Fae Lord and Finn is his advisor. Instead of the usual immortal with boundless magic, Shannen has set up something different. While the fae are long lived, each Fae have a secret power that exacts a price they most pay in order to use it. More of a give-and-take, natural order type thing. This makes the fae characters much more interesting as you learn their powers, the price the pay for using them, and when they use them.

I’m definitely a fan of a good enemies-to-lovers trope, and that’s what we have between the main characters in this book. I found Vera’s story unique, intriguing, and the story left me wanting more at the end. It is definitely a good read for any fae, fantasy lovers out there. I will definitely be picking up the second novel in this series.

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About Shannen Durey

Shannen Durey is the author of the young adult fantasy romance novel Nights of Iron and Ink, the first book in the epic fantasy series. Shannen lives in Texas with her adorable dog and cat. When she is not writing, she is reading or spending time in nature waiting for that next great book idea.

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