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Faye and The Heart of Fire

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Book Information

Title: Faye and the Heart of Fire
Author: Nicole Bailey
Publisher: Independently Published
Genre: Fantasy | Romance |Mystery
Publication Date: August 17th 2021

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Not everything falls solely on you, there are others who would help share the burden…
Consider trying to open up more to some beings you trust here. It’s okay to be vulnerable with some.
You don’t have to be strong all the time…


Faye and the Heart of Fire Synopsis

It only takes a spark of unrest to ignite an inferno of treachery.

Faye thought the worst was behind her when the war ended. But leading a race of wary dragons comes with unforeseen challenges. She believes she has everything under control until an attack shatters that illusion, leaving her with an injury and the knowledge that a traitor is concealed among those closest to her.

Needing a personal guard she can trust, she turns to Alec.

Alec is all too happy to swap his lackluster days teaching music for a more thrilling opportunity. But what seems like a simple task escalates when he enters the searing flames of the dragon culture and attempts to uncover the traitor.

Faye’s magic is building up, threatening to erupt and enemies are closing in. Can Faye control her powers? Can Alec work with allies to prevent another attack? Or will the traitor destroy Faye’s reign?

Faye and the Heart of Fire Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Faye and the Heart of Fire is the fourth book in the Faye and the Ether series by Nicole Bailey. It follows Faye as she…

(spoilers ahead so if you haven’t read book 1-3 yet go back, don’t ruin it for yourself).

… takes on her father’s role as leader of the Dragons. (I really wanted to put Queen cause Faye is a Queen but Leader will do, i guess). This new role, her unexpected magic and the tension between dragonkind and the rest of the Ether beings puts Faye in a difficult position. One were she has to lean on her closest friends to help her with (after a lot of reluctance and hard-headedness).

Faye as always has a major role in this book. She is dealing with a lot of pressure from both within and outside her new community. Her new role has her and Telanes having to find a new normal. Telanes is always the gentlemen and there is parts of this book that broke me. Alec and Daron are also settling into new roles since they left the Protectors. While they have found happiness with each other, Alec is struggling with finding a new job that he loves as much as being in the Protectors.

Nicole brings us to a whole new side of the Ether with Heart of Fire. It is so different from the first three books. It’s definitely a pace change, but being back in the Ether and with a new POV pulled me in again. I literally read it in a few hours and stayed up to do it. This book takes more of a “Who Done It” plot with Faye, Telanes, Alec and Daron teaming up to investigate. I did not see it coming. I cannot wait to be back in the Ether with Book 5!

A special thank you goes out to Nicole Bailey for providing me a copy of this book for review!

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About Nicole Bailey

Nicole Bailey is a writer and reader who loves young adult, magical realism, and the occasional rom-com. She writes YA fantasy and published her debut novel (FAYE AND THE ETHER) in Fall 2020. When she isn’t writing she loves to hike, kayak, bike, or garden. She lives with her three children and her husband in South Carolina.

Faye and The Ether Series

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