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Ace of Swords

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Book Information

Title: Ace of Swords
Author: Clare Carter
Publisher: FyreSyde Publishing
Genre: Fantasy | Dystopia | Romance
Publication Date: March 8, 2021
Pages: 325

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Ace of Swords Synopsis

The war between vampires and angels has been long and arduous. Logan’s father was taken by a vampire when she was a child, and her brother has long since been separated from her by the foster system. She’s spent her entire life in fear of vampires, researching everything she can about them in an attempt to someday find her father. When she meets a mute boy named Cade, who is searching for the vampire’s base, she knows this is the opportunity she’s been looking for.

Cade isn’t a normal boy, though—he’s an Izel—a half-vampire, half-angel hybrid whose species was completely eradicated four years ago. As they travel together, Logan has to reconcile with the fact that despite him having vampire blood, she starts to truly care about him.

In a war-torn 1990s, Logan and Cade search for the vampire’s base as the past and present intertwine to show how the war has affected their world.

Ace of Swords Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ace of Swords is a dystopia fantasy novel with hints of adventure, romance and diversity. The opening of the novel we are introduced to the world in which Logan, one of the protagonists, has grown up in. In this world, there are humans, angels and vampires. After losing her father, Robby, to a vampire attack, Logan and her brother, Eli, grow up in an orphanage and they lose touch when Eli ages out of the system. This sense of loss leads Logan to research the colony of vampires near her orphanage. While on one of her stakeouts, she loses something precious to her and stalks into the vampires’ territory to find it. This is where she meets Cade, a mute half-angel half-vampire. She realizes that Cade can help her in her search for her father and brother.

The different perspective in this novel were diverse and led to an engaging plot with twists and turns. The inclusion of a mute character who communicates through ASL is refreshing, as is the description and task of learning of ASL woven within the story between Logan and Cade. The relationships that are explored in Ace of Swords are truly amazing and diverse. Cade faces by adversity and prejudice due to his race. Logan faces being alone in the world after she ages out of the system. The other characters include Denzi (the king of the vampires), Ben (Eli’s partner), December and Amber who are the angel friends of Cade who hid him after the traumatic attack of the Izel race. Each character brings their own perspectives and storylines , which includes the love between siblings and friends, a slow and hesitant love only starting to blossom, or steady relationships build on several years already spend together. Clare also includes toxic relationships, and sends the characters in Ace fo Swords into journeys of recognition and recovery.

Ace of Swords is definitely unique and gripping. The multiple point of views following each characters through the timeline steadily create an amazing reading experience. The closer the individual characters get to finding out what is happening, finding each other and reaching the climax of the plot, (which didn’t disappoint), the more you can’t put the book down.

I would like to thank NetGalley and FyreSyde Publishing for sending me a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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About Clare Carter

Clare started writing when she was around 11. She graduated from Virginia Tech in 2020; majoring in Creative Writing and Professional/Technical Writing, and minoring in Classical Studies (which is basically a fancy name for Greek Mythology). Clare lives in Richmond, Virginia. Some of her favourite things to do are watch movies with Hugh Jackman in them, play Dragon Age, and plan thousands of stories without ever actually completing any of them.

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