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Book Information

Title: Riven

Author: Bronwyn Eley

Genre: Young Adult | Dark Fantasy| Strong Heroines

Publication Date: August 3, 2020


Pages: 397

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When I was young, I overheard my father telling my mother that the poisonous aspect of the Relic – the ambient pain everyone else around you feels, the poison that would have eventually killed you during your service to Rennard – wasn’t natural. That the Relic wasn’t meant to do that. That it was a mistake.


Riven Summary

Kaylan’s life as she knew it is over. Again.

Hunted by the guards of Edriast and their ruthless captain, Kaylan is forced to flee into a world she’s never seen, armed with a power she never wanted. With her brother Elias by her side, she escapes to the distant city of Stynos, where rumour has it a possible ally is waiting… An ally who might help Kaylan control the violent magic that’s become her burden to bear.

But Kaylan can’t hide forever – not from the forces that surround her, or from the darkness inside herself. Rebel leader Bellamy seeks her help to destroy a regime; Captain Thorn pursues her with a vengeance; and as her power grows, her inner demons begin to seep through the cracks…

Kaylan may be strong, but is she strong enough to resist the Relic? 

Riven Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Riven is the second book in Bronwyn Eley’s YA series. The story starts where we left off in the first book . It’s a well written follow-up. Starting right where it left off in Relic, Kaylan is on the run, heading towards perceived safety and Elias. Kaylan and her friends have heard rumours of how to control the Relic and she seeks out someone who can help her. She makes new friends along the way while trying to repair her relationship with Elias. The action in this book is a much faster pace compared to the first book, and the characters’ developments are all realistic and well paced.

In my opinion, Kaylan is not as likeable in this book. Kaylan is a flawed character; she struggles throughout the book trying to resist the temptation of the Relic. Making us wonder if the inner turmoil her own anxiety and fears, or is it the work of the Relic? I found I didn’t enjoy Kaylan’s character as much this time around, but I think it helps to show her conflict with the choices she makes. The question of who she is with such power at her fingertips is very interesting and Eley really dives into the aspect of addiction to the power the Relic offers. You can feel Kaylan’s desperation to keep her loved ones safe. Her own grasp on who she is and what she stands for is lost in the grasp of the Relic’s power. This loss of self in this novel compared to who she was in the first novel is why I think the character was less likeable.

I loved the addition of new characters; they add a light heartedness to the dark points of this story. There’s plenty of action, adding to the growing knowledge of the history and the Relics to keep you engaged. I look forward to reading the ending to this trilogy and read how Kaylan’s story ends.

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More About Bronwyn Eley

Bronwyn Eley has spent time in the military, studied LInguistis at university, travelled the world and works in the Australian book industry.

Bronwyn currently resides in Sydney but has live in Scotland and longs to return there as soon as possible. She is obsessed with all things medieval, photography, music, fitness and her dog Ruby.

Her debut YA fantasy series The Relic Trilogy is published by Australian indie publishing house Talem Press.

The Relic Trilogy

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