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Legal Crime

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Book Information

Title: Legal Crime
Author: Samiksha Bhattacharjee
Publisher: The Conrad Press
Genre: Coming-of-Age | Crime | Mystery
Publication Date: February 18th 2021

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Everything is a gift.
Everything is also a surprise.
Embrace life’s gifts and surprises.

Legal Crime Synopsis

Written by a thirteen-year-old author, this exciting and captivating page-turner transports you into the fascinating story of sixteen-year-old aspiring singer Fiona Watson who runs away from her family, oblivious to the dangers outside her shielded comfort zone. As she journeys through her new world, leaving her past behind and determined to find a new identity, she uncovers surprising secrets buried deep within her long ago…

How do her new friends link to her past? What secrets are they hiding behind their misleading smiles? How much of herself has she really left behind? And how will she cope when she realises that she has made a huge mistake… one that could ruin her forever?

Legal Crime Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Legal Crime, written by 13 year old Samiksha Bhattacharjee, follows our MC 16 year old Fiona, as she runs away from home believing her parents favour her younger brother. Fiona wants to prove to everyone that she can accomplish her dreams as a singer and as the story progresses, she comes to terms about how others influence her. This is a coming-of-age story that is told through multiple POVS, flashbacks, and other literary devices to paint a full picture of what is going on in the world surrounding Fiona and her decisions.

Fiona has lived a pretty sheltered life and throughout her story, her eyes become open to how the world really is for some people. She is determined, outgoing, and convinced she knows best, like most teenagers are. Throughout the book she learns who she is outside of other’s people influences and the pressure that high schooler’s feel to be popular. On her journey, she meets friends and people who make her question if she is doing the right thing by leaving her home and pursuing her desires. These people ground her and really support her decisions, although those decisions are not necessarily the best…

Legal Crime takes place in for the most part in modern day London. The story is broken up into four segments, all which correspond to an identity which Fiona has assumed on her travels and the chapters are spilt up through date and time stamps. Samiksha started plotting and writing this story when she was seven. While this is an excellent debut from who I would assume will become a big name in a decade, this novel does lack a little maturity and some plot points need clarity. Some events in the novel I don’t think would occur in a real life scenario. For example, Fiona, while she changes identities, survives in the modern world with no ID and no cash; her runaway plan is purely funded by the kindness of others and their parents. These romanticized and idealized scenarios that are scattered throughout the book are why I only gave it 3.5 stars. There are just too many events that I believe would not happen in the real world.

This book’s theme is identity. It really dives into the minds of those teenagers who are struggling with finding theirs. It tackles who others influence us and change our world views, while also providing a glimpse that what we believe to be true may not be the case. I have to say that this is an amazing accomplishment from someone so young and shows great promise into a long term career as an author.I would recommend this book to others and will definitely be keeping an eye on Samiksha’s work in the future.

I would like to thank Samiksha Bhattacharjee for sending me a free copy for my review.

Note: Samiksha, please keep writing and honing in on your skills as a writer, because there will be a lot of people who will want to read your stories as your writing and content matures.

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About Samiksha Bhattacharjee

Samiksha Bhattacharjee is a 13-year-old British author living with her parents and younger brother. She started writing ‘Legal Crime’ when she was 7, and hopes to inspire other children to start creative writing too. She also enjoys acting, singing, drawing and talking (a lot). 

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