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The Wounds That Bind

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Book Information

Title: The Wounds that Bine
Author: Debbie McQueen
Publisher: Independently Published
Genre: LGBTQ+ | Romance
Publication Date:  June 11th 2021
ASIN: B095X9TM18
Pages: 120

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To imagine a forever with one person was a daunting thing.
Maybe I had a bit of a nervous fawn in me as well.


The Wounds That Bind Synopsis

Harla has worked hard to attain the highly respected position as commander of the king’s guard and values the control she has in life. When she is sent on a secret mission to spy on the enemy, an explosion leaves her badly burned. Her injury is nothing compared to the fear of undoing what she’s built.

Danna is one of the younger medics, but her passion and knowledge for healing people is recognized among even the most experienced in her field. When the prince calls on her to aid Harla, she vows to do all she can to help. But Danna’s interests in Commander Harla blur the lines between professional and personal. She has admired the commander from a distance and now has to remind herself that Harla is merely her patient, nothing more.

Harla has wounds that reach far deeper than those that scar her skin. She isn’t used to letting people get close to her. Despite the pain of her injury and the vulnerability she feels in being cared for, she finds comfort in Danna in ways she never expected.

From the world of the Dragon King Series comes a tale of strength, healing, love, and the wounds that bind people together.

The Wounds That Bind Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Wounds That Bind is the second novella from the Dragon King series by Debbie McQueen. This novella follows Commander Harla after events in Of Heart and Wings and take place during Bound In Fire. So if you don’t want any spoilers for the main series please don’t read much further…

After her injury Commander Harla is taken to the medics, where Danna, the woman who worked on the King after his injury, is requested to help with Harla. Danna is an advanced healer, taking treatments from the past, all the kingdoms and the most recent research to provide the utmost care for her patients. The burns Harla experiences are extreme. Harla is used to not letting anything get to her and always appearing strong, when she finds she does not have to wear her shield with Danna something else blossoms between them. Danna gives Harla a safe space to let herself out of the requirements of her job and Harla becomes Danna’s unexpected home.

This is a tender and sweet romance. Both Danna and Harla did not expect to find this with each other. Their careers are both of their priorities and both respect that for the other. Both are very independent. Danna is patient and kind; she is gentle and provides the best care for her patients. She faces a moral and ethical problem when her feelings for Harla arise. Harla is used to being hard and unfeeling, her job as the commander of the King’s armies requires that. She is a warrior and cannot be seen as weak. These two women represent so much. I think their romance that is found in stolen moments together after Harla’s healing is really true to real life. Everyone is very busy nowadays and their relationships become moments of love in what are full days.

I really enjoyed this novella. It definitely needs to be read after Bound in Fire, just as Breaking the Chains should be read after Of Heart And Wings. I am looking forward to how Harla and Danna relationship is portrayed through the rest of the series and if we get tidbits of them in a side story…

A special thank you goes out to Debbie McQueen for providing me a copy of this book for review!

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About Debbie McQueen

Debbie McQueen has been married to her loving and supportive husband for eighteen years. They have two amazing kids that share her love of musicals, singing, fairies, dragons, and superheroes. Debbie is an avid reader and loves to read YA/NA, PNR, Urban Fantasy, Thrillers, LGBTQ stories, and more.
Debbie is an affirming Christian who is proud to continue learning and serving as an LGBTQ+ ally and advocate. She has learned more about God’s love through the beauty of a diverse creation and strives to support her friends and loved ones, as well as the broader LGBTQ+ community. She loves giving out Free Hugs at Pride events.

Dragon King Series and Novellas

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