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Scales of Change

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Book Information

Title: Scales of Change
Author: Debbie McQueen
Publisher: Independently Published
Genre: Adventure | LGBTQ+ Romance
Publication Date: August 29, 2021

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Scales of Change Synopsis

Change is coming, one scale at a time.

Raiden’s eyes were opened to the horrors that lay beyond the Sixth Realm. Now he is pushing for change for all the realms, for both human and dragonkind alike.

The support Raiden hopes for doesn’t come, but the weight of what is happening isn’t something he can let go. With Egan at his side, Raiden finds the strength he needs and leaves his home once again. Only this time he doesn’t know if the crown will still be waiting for him when he returns. Whatever the cost, he is willing to see it through.

Egan still bears scars, seen and unseen, but the one person he can always lean on is Raiden. Raiden is his rock, his anchor, and he will do anything to support him through Raiden’s most difficult trials. Even if it means leaving behind his home and his family, as the two of them face the unknown together.

With dragons for guards, Raiden and Egan search the realms for allies to march with them in a War of the Realms.

Whatever the future brings, Raiden and Egan will face it together, always.

Scales of Change Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Scales of Change is the final book in Debbie McQueen’s Dragon King series and it is a perfect ending for both Egan and Raidon! The final book in this tetralogy is bittersweet. I want more!

This series and book is so full of love and acceptance and is definitely needed in our world today. It picks up where Talons of Love leaves of. Having rescued Egan and the other Dragons from the clutches of the Fifth Realm, Raidon now has set himself on finding out exactly what has been happening beyond the borders of the kingdoms. He’s determined to make things change for him, the dragons, and those being oppressed in other realms. This leads both him and Egan into conflict and a journey that has both surprises and huge growth for them both. Like everything, they are in this together, no matter the costs.

This series started with two young boys who weren’t sure of their place in the world or who they are, and ended with young men, who have challenged themselves to be better, found who they are and stood for what they believe in. Debbie has done an amazing job creating a feel good romance series for the LGBTQ+ YA readers. THe world building, lore and writing is so well done. I and sad that this saga is over, but will be looking forward to her next work.

A special thank you goes out to Debbie McQueen for providing me a copy of this book for review!

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About Debbie McQueen

Debbie McQueen has been married to her loving and supportive husband for eighteen years. They have two amazing kids that share her love of musicals, singing, fairies, dragons, and superheroes. Debbie is an avid reader and loves to read YA/NA, PNR, Urban Fantasy, Thrillers, LGBTQ stories, and more.

Debbie is an affirming Christian who is proud to continue learning and serving as an LGBTQ+ ally and advocate. She has learned more about God’s love through the beauty of a diverse creation and strives to support her friends and loved ones, as well as the broader LGBTQ+ community. She loves giving out Free Hugs at Pride events.

Dragon King Series

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