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A Time of Prophecy

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Book Information

Title: A Time of Prophecy
Author: Rebecca Crunden
Publisher: Indepentently Published
Genre: SciFi | Fantasy | Dystopian
Publication Date: July 19th 2019

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Just because not everyone’s going to like it out here,
doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the right to choose…

A Time of Prophecy Synopsis

In the years since Kitty, Nate and Thom escaped the Kingdom, the Plague has ravaged the population and the rebels have seized two of the northern countries. In an attempt to bring order to the chaos, the leader of the rebels, Nate’s old friend James, has agreed to hold trials for those responsible for intentionally leaking the Plague.

Unfortunately, the rumour in the Kingdom is that Kitty is responsible. To make matters worse, Blaise tells Kitty that the Council, who still count her father as one of their own, are once again experimenting on Radiants. It’s a horrifying realisation that hits too close to home, and for the first time in her life, Kitty thirsts for vengeance. It’s a thirst that’s matched by the one person who has always been her mirror — her Complement, Thom.

On the other side of the Wall in the Outlands, desperate to bring Kitty home and finish the Council once and for all, Thom begins plotting, using the skills he’s long honed to outsmart those with more power. But outsmarting his enemies might turn Thom into the very thing he’s always feared becoming, and war soon seems the only possible solution to stopping the Council and the Hangman. But with more than a few looking to the ancient prophecy of peace, Thom searches desperately for a way to circumvent more bloodshed.

Yet the weight of the years have taken their toll, and as Thom’s physical and mental health deteriorate, Nate struggles with the fallout of past crimes, both the ones he did commit, and the ones he didn’t …

A Time of Prophecy Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I embarked on the journey to the Outlands in February 2021. The first book drew me into the world and with each book further into the series I got, the more I fell in love with the characters. The final book of the series was the perfect completion of the pentalogy.

Kitty, Thom, Nate and the rest of the gang start out right where A Dance of Lies ends, just like the rest of the series, the transition from each book was seamless. This was not a one sitting read for me this time. I took my time as savoured the last moments with these characters. There was so much to tie up in this book, and although not everything is polished and shiny, the ending certainly does not disappoint.

All the characters all grew tremendously in this last book and you would not even recognized the characters from the first book to now. They have endured torture, abuse, assault, and rebellion and it has changed them to their very core. I love their stories and the realism that is The Outlands Pentalogy. This is definitely a series I will be rereading in the future. Rebecca, this series is amazing and I cannot wait for your next series. Thank you for allowing me to review it for you and I’m sorry I put off saying goodbye to the Outlands for so long!

A special thank you goes out to Rebecca Crunden for providing me a copy of this book for review!

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About Rebecca Crunden

Rebecca Crunden is an indie author of fantasy, science fiction and romance who lives in Cork, Ireland. To date she has published one series, three standalone novels, a novella and various short stories. Her most recent novel, These Violent Nights (2021) is set in a futuristic world that blends fantasy and sci-fi.

The Outlands Pentalogy

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